Memorial Knives

The aim of this project is to memorialize a loved one or a special time through the creation of useful and beautiful object. The idea is that through creating a knife using a piece of your memory, that memory is able to live on in a practical way throughout your day to day life.


How it works

Send us a message explaining what sort of small item you would like to use (ashes, a lock of hair, a small flower) and what style of knife you would like to see it in. We will open a dialogue and guide you through the design process until we land on one that works. From there, you will receive a quote. once paid in full, you will send us your item and we will make your knife. 

The Ash Knives


The Ash Knives

The knives above were part of a project to memorialize a beloved dog named Ash.  The dog's master provided a small amount of hair and ash which was then cast in resin and incorporated into the handles of the knives. 25 knives were made in total to be distributed to Ash's many dear friends (he a pretty popular dude.)