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“A Kwaiken ( or kaiken) is a "pocket knife" or "sleeve knife" originally carried by women. The name means "Bosom knife". It later became part of the Samurai equipment, but specifically was carried by women. All wives of a Samurai class man were expected to carry one. It was a small knife carried in the inside pocket of a kimono sleeve or inside the lapel. It was used for grooming tasks, cutting loose threads or string, and in an emergency, self defense. It is the equivalent of the Scottish Sgian Dubh. One additional use came from the Samurai tradition ... it was used by women for ritual suicide. The neck veins and arteries were quickly cut through with it. If their husband was incapacitated by his wounds, they would cut his neck veins, then their own.”

3” blade of 1095 high carbon steel with an overall length of 7”

Custom leather slip sheath available.

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IMG_7389 2.JPG
IMG_7389 2.JPG