LockJaw knives are made of high carbon steel, meaning that after a time, the knife will develop a “patina” (not to be confused with corrosive rust). With the right care, your knife will begin to take on a darker color, that will actually help prevent the corrosive damage. Like most things in life, without proper care, your knife will deteriorate over time. Knives, however are very simple to look after and require only basic maintenance. 

1. Keep it dry! If its dirty, by all means feel free to hand wash it (never run it through a dishwasher) but afterwards, be sure to thoroughly dry it off before putting your knife away. 

2. Keep it greased! If you mean to store your knife for any extended period of time, apply a small amount of oil to the blade (any cooking oil will do). This will prevent atmospheric moisture from corroding the steel. 

3. Keep your knife sharp! A dull knife is a good deal more harmful to its user than a sharp one. Dull knives require more force to cut and have a tendency to slip and jump in unpredictable ways (not good). There’s a really handy video by the great Bob Kramer HERE

Follow these few simple rules and you should enjoy many years of faithful service from your new knife.